Peers get fruity!

Mon 24th Jun 2019

A strange phenomena has swept the corridors at Peers HQ recently and has caused quite a stir. The culprit? A huge delivery of seasonable fresh fruit twice a week including such goodies as blueberries, strawberries, peaches and plums amongst others.

The aim to be healthier and happier in the workplace is becoming a reality for everyone at Peers, with no excuse for not reaching the elusive target of 5 a day!

Some are so keen in fact, that the merest glimpse of the fruit van has them hot footing it downstairs to get their hands on the best pick of the bunch, namely the bananas and satsumas (fact).

Whatever your view on the fruit takeover, no-one can deny that all at Harry Peers are a much healthier bunch, however, the local pasty shop need not be concerned as the faithful pasty barm will always have a place at Harry Peers!

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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Update

Peers have recently carried out several Risk Assessments to ensure the health and safety of its employees and visitors during this global Pandemic. We will continue to monitor the news and guidance around the Pandemic and update accordingly.

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