Environmental & Sustainability Policy Statement

Harry Peers Steelwork Limited is committed to achieving an exceptional environmental performance throughout its Organisation. With this in view, the Company has an Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001 for setting and reviewing challenging environmental objectives and targets through management programmes.

Although Environmental impacts are expected during the day to day operations of the Company, we recognise that it is our responsibility to achieve a very high standard of environmental performance through the sustainable development of the business.

Policy Objectives:-

Compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects.

Continually improve our environmental, health & safety performance.

Inform and instruct our employees on matters relating to the environment and the contents of our Environmental Management Systems.

Minimising the amount of energy used and waste produced in the course of our activities.

Give due regard to the safe disposal of waste products and the "waste hierarchy".

Give a high level of importance to the recycling of waste.

Consider all practical measures to prevent pollution.

Efficient use of materials and products to reduce emissions and waste.

i.e. Use of low pollution materials and consumables.

Materials such as wood, are sourced from a responsible and sustainable source and certification obtained to support this.

When sourcing manufactured materials (as opposed to natural components) they are to be obtained from companies whose raw materials and processes are sustainable.

All aspects of sustainability are to be considered including delivery distances and method of transport.

Materials that are not sustainable or whose methods of extraction are environmentally harmful to the planet will be avoided wherever possible.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Update

Peers have recently carried out several Risk Assessments to ensure the health and safety of its employees and visitors during this global Pandemic. We will continue to monitor the news and guidance around the Pandemic and update accordingly.

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